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Crowd Content and Shopify team up to provide you with product copy that will improve your SEO and drive sales. 

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Quick And Easy Setup

Crowd Content lets you easily order product and category descriptions from a roster of experienced eCommerce writers. And, with our ShopWriters Shopify plugin, you can instantly post them to your store.

What Do Our Clients Think?

I'm extremely pleased with the product descriptions we received. They truly are ready to go, and it's a HUGE relief not to have to do a ton of editing before we categorize and load these items.

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Get Product Descriptions Now

Step 1 - Create Your Account

Visit this page to register your Crowd Content account. Sign-up should take 30 seconds.

Click the menu icon in the top right of your account and visit our App Directory. There, click "Install App" next to the Shopify section.

Step 2 - Install The Shopify App

Create Your Account

Step 3 - Link To Your Store

You'll be asked to enter your store's URL and enter your password. Once you've done this, your Crowd Content account will be linked to your Shopify store and you can publish any product descriptions you order right to your store.

Step 4 - Install In Shopify

You'll be taken to a screen like the one on the left where you're asked to "Install App". Click that and you'll be setup and ready to import your store's items into Crowd Content to get fresh copy written, and then publish that copy to your store instantly.

Product Descriptions To Drive Your Sales

Unique Copy That Builds Your Brand

With more than half a million merchants using Shopify as of August 2017, you need to work to stand out. Using a manufacturer description on your pages ensures you look like everyone else, but ordering Shopify product descriptions from our experienced writers lets you reflect what your store stands for.

According to SEMRush's 2017 ecommerce study, approximately 40 percent of website traffic for e-retailers comes from search. Unique content improves SEO value, so your pages rank better in the search engines, driving more of that traffic to your Shopify store.

Boost the SEO Value of Every Product Page

Create Copy That Converts

Our writers know how to write feature/benefit copy that converts, and they can do it in your brand voice. High-quality product descriptions boost your overall conversion rate because they give consumers real reasons to buy your goods or services.