Learn How Leading eCommerce Companies Execute Large-scale Content Creation

This free 27-page ebook shares the proven process that powers the content programs of the largest retailers. From planning and resource gathering through to publishing — it's all here. 

Content Creation Strategy For eCommerce Sites - There's a Lot To Consider!

What This Ebook Will Teach You:

How to line up both internal and external resources required to create thousands of content assets

How to manage SEO across thousands of pieces of content 

Deciding which approach to writing your content best suits your organization and its resources

What the proven project launch and calibration process used by the largest sites looks like

Execute Your Content Creation More Efficiently With This Proven Process

How to Create eCommerce Content at Scale - On Time, On Budget, Every Time, With No Exceptions

Producing product descriptions at scale requires careful planning, writing, optimization and QA to ensure they're publish-ready.

Insights From Industry Experts

"If you think about eCommerce sites, they are really just a representation of the aisles in a brick-and-mortar store.Your aisles are your categories.Your end caps are your promotions. And each product needs a description."

- Fateh Kamal, eCommerce Expert

Content Creation Advice From Category Dominating Brands

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